Loving Your Passion

I've been a perfectionist since before I can remember. My mom  has told me stories about me losing my mind if I didn't think things were perfect when I was 2. I've learned to let go of that perfectionism somewhat in the 20 years since then, but there's one place I've noticed that desire for perfection creeping in: my art.

There's a pressure to churn out new pieces when you're active in the online art community. It can get hard to not compare your art to others', whether that be in regards to your style, your production rate, or the engagement it generates. I took a break from my art-related social media accounts for that very reason. I needed a break. I needed to fall back in love with my art and the happiness it brings me. 

I find that i get more joy out of the creative process when I create for myself. Obviously I list my work for sale, but I am happiest when I think of each piece as a journey, rather than a product I am creating. I get scared to add color to a sketch I like, because I'm worried about ruining it. I leave projects unfinished, because I feel like I won't be able to make something other people will like. But that doesn't matter. 

So come along on this journey. The shop has been rebranded, and I'm excited to see where oil painting and copic illustration take me, both as an artist and as a person.